Drive Mini (7 GB)

Internet«Drive Mini (7 GB)»

Connect to the postpaid tariff plan Drive Mini and use the high-speed Internet all month long while paying fixed monthly fee*.

In the scope of the postpaid Drive Mini you get 7GB High-speed Internet volume for a calendar month.

In case of the consumption of the provided 7 GB high-speed Internet volume before the end of the calendar month, the access to the Internet will be suspended until the first day of the next month.  Yet, if you want to continue use the Internet after 7GB consumption, you can activate the Internet service Turbo and continue using the Internet with speed up to 1024 kbit/sec by 10PM** of the next day. 
The activation fee of Turbo service is 300 AMD. The service can be activated by dialing *7007# USSD command or by sending a toll-free SMS to the short number 0674 with the text 7007.