Online Payment

Everything is easy and convenient:

Go to  «Online payment» service page.

Enter the phone number without any spaces or other characters:

If you pay for mobile network, enter the phone number in 8-digit format (for example: 9XXXXXXX)  

If you pay for fixed network, enter the phone number in 8-digit format (for example: 10XXXXXX)  

If you pay for fixed Hi-Line, enter virtual phone number in 8-digit format (for example: 00XXXXXX)  

If you pay for fixed Hi-Line Optic, enter the phone number in 8-digit format (for example: 110XXXXX)  

       3. Enter the payment amount (it must be more than 100 AMD and less than 100.000               AMD, no commission  charges.) 

      4. Select the card of payment. Payment can be made by VArCa, MasterCard and VISA             cards.


You can pay not only your bill but also the bills of your friends and relatives. Be careful when filling out the data!

The amount of payment is received on the account of the specified telephone number of the subscriber. 

Payment takes place in real time, and the money is credited to the subscriber’s account almost instantly. The subscriber is not charged the payment fee. 

* Upon the expiry of the payment validity period, as well as the absence of funds on the balance, the subscriber gets the status of «Live zero». If you are in the status of «Live zero»  for more than 90 days and no transaction is carried out, the subscriber’s card burns out.

Payment validity period

Do not worry about the payment validity period!

If in the past, when recharging your balance, the payment validity period was prolonged in accordance with the recharged amount, and every time you had to recharge your balance to use Beeline mobile communication services, now there are no time limits.

Payment (recharge) time limits were canceled on the 20th of February, 2014.

Now recharge your balance with any amount and use that amount for any Beeline mobile communication services without payment validity period limitation!

What will happen with the SIM card?

The SIM card will be active as long as your balance is positive (there is money on your balance).*

*You switch to the status of unilateral block (only incoming transactions available) only in case of zero or negative balance. If you do not recharge your balance for more than 90 days and in case of the absence of any transactions from the moment of switching to the status of unilateral block, your service provision contract shall be terminated (the card shall burn out).