Get 3 GB

  • How to get 3 GB internet?
  • - Download My Beeline Armenia application
  • - Set up Autopayments for your and linked numbers
  • - After the first automatic balance replenishment this number will receive 3 GB internet. Terms


Activate the "Autopayments" service in My Beeline Armenia application, set up your autopayments and forget about deadlines and empty balance.

How to use

1. Log into My Beeline Armenia application

2. Click on the "Autopayments" button in the "Payments" section.

3. Activate the "Autopayments" service.

4. The account balance will be automatically replanished according to your settings.


You can set up autopayments for the prepaid subscribers based on date or limit, for the postpaid subscribers based on the amount of debt.

My Beeline Armenia

  • With My Beeline you also can:
  • - Check account balance and tariff plan remainings
  • - Get free detailed bill
  • - Make fast and safe payments
  • - Exchange bonus points
  • - Activate services
  • - Change tariff plans


Autopayments + 3 GB: terms

Who can use?
All prepaid and postpaid subscribers of mobile services except subscribers of internet packages (Drive, Internet Today).

How to use?
• Set up Autopayments service in "My Beeline Armenia" application and make one automatic balance replenishment with the service (payment will be charged according to the chosen terms). In case of successful payment the subscriber will receive 3 GB internet for 7 days.
• There is no minimum amount for the payments. Payments can be done from amounts AMD 100 to AMD 100,000.
• Every number which successfully set up Autopayments and made replenishment trough the service will receive 3 GB internet.
• Every number will receive 3 GB only once after the first activation of Autopayments service.

General description

The service provides mobile prepaid and postpaid subscribers of "Telecom Armenia" CJSC opportunity of automatic balance replenishment through My Beeline Armenia application.
The service activation is free of charge.

The subscriber can:
Activate the service for the other subscribers phone number(as an attached number) by clicking on the arrow in phone number field, if the number is not attached, click "Add number" and add the number to the Personal account to activate the service.
The service is not available for subscribers who have a bank guarantee.

For prepaid

Limit based payment
Every time when prepaid subscriber's balance is equal to 50/200/500 AMD, balance will be automatically replrnished from the attached card in My Beeline Armenia application.
Date based payment
The subscriber chooses replenishment date (ex. on 4th of each month) and amount of replenishment. The balance will be replenished on the choosen date by the set amount.

For postpaid

Automatic monthly replenishment
The subscriber chooses recharge date (ex. on 4th of each month) and selects maximal replenishment limit.
On the selected day, if debt amount does not exceed replenishment limit the subscriber's balance is replenished by debt amount. If the debt amount exceeds the maximal recharge limit, the debt amount is not charged from card and user receives a message about unsuccessful replenishment.


Security is guaranteed by the international PCI DSS certificate in the ArCa processing center.
“Telecom Armenia” CJSC does not store information and details of your payment card. The data is encrypted and is transferred directly to "Ameriabank" through protected channels.
The bank ensures high level of security for our users’ data.
The security of all data is protected via the MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by Visa (VbV) technologies.


In case of service related questions you can contact our specialist in "Help" section in My Beeline Armenia application.