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Calls to RA & RF Beeline mobile network

Calls to RA & RF Beeline mobile network

5,000 min
Calls to all fixed and other mobile networks of RA and NKR, Russia, USA, Canada

Calls to all fixed and other mobile networks of RA and NKR, Russia, USA, Canada

250 min
SMS to all mobile networks of RA and NKR

SMS to all mobile networks of RA and NKR

250 SMS


6 GB


60 channels


3,000 AMD/monthly

Calls to Beeline mobile network

5 AMD/min

Calls to all fixed and other mobile networks of RA and NKR

15 AMD/min

Calls to all networks of USA and Canada*

13,99 AMD/min

Calls to all networks of Russia*

89 AMD/min

SMS to Beeline mobile network


SMS to other mobile networks of RA and NKR

10 AMD

SMS to international networks

20 AMD


5 AMD/Mb

*Tariffs are available only through the service “Armenian’s world”.

Not yet a Beeline user? Get in touch with us by the address or call 010-700-700.

"International networks"

Monthly fee

3 500  AMD

2 500  AMD

2 400  AMD

1 500 AMD

1 000 AMD

Included minutes*






Included countries

Eastern Europe1




USA, Canada

* Minutes are spent both through the service "Armenians world" and by direct dealing.

Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic

Egypt, Israel, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, China,Korea, Malaysia, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, Philippines

Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Spain,Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, France, Finland, Sweden, Estonia

"Internet packages"

1 000 

1 600

2 400 

3 600 

6 500

8 000 AMD/month

3 GB

5 GB

8 GB

15 GB

35 GB

70 GB

Within a month the subscriber can activate all packages from the same line or the same package without restrictions. Activations and deactivations are only possible through the staff of "VEON Armenia" CJSC.

"Mobile applications" (unlimited)

Monthly fee

1 000 AMD

TOP 5 mobile applications 

Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Zangi



Opening hyperlinks within “Facebook” , “Messenger”, “WhatsApp”, “Zangi” and “Telegram” applications and along with their usage, data exchange with other Internet resources is possible; in that case the MBs of the main Internet package within the tariff plan are consumed. In case the main Internet package is consumed, some services of the applications may be used partially.

You can check the balance with My Beeline Armenia mobile app, through website or by dialing the following numbers:

Information on residuals of inclusions provided in the package: *113# or 067406

Information on account as of the last day of the previous month: 067413

Information on current account without additional subscription fees: 067412

Payment is required before the end of the month on which the invoice was sent.

Payment methods are available here.

In case of non-payment in the next month, the connection will be unilaterally blocked on the 15th day and on the 19th day - bilaterally.

Mobile number codes of Beeline Russia։


Access code

Country code

Mobile network code

“Beeline” (Russia)



900335-900344, 90205-90207, 90252, 902553-902557, 902559, 902710, 902717, 903, 90462, 904700-904707, 904726-904727, 905-906, 908364, 908375-908379, 908435-908439, 90844-90845, 908460-908464, 90896-90899, 909, 950668, 950880, 95100-95102, 95320-95322, 96, 980999, 983888, 983999, 986666

After consuming services included in the package, international calls are charged according to standard tariffs.

You can use the "Armenians' World" service and make a call with more affordable rates by dialing *88* or 88 before the number.

For new subscribers, the service of free BeeTV channels is automatically activated.

In order to use the service of free BeeTV channels, current subscribers must dial *818# to receive their login and password.

In case of losing login or password dial *812#.

BeeTV mobile application does not consume internet megabytes and is available all over the country.

Using BeeTV without consuming megabytes means that upon enabling SMART plan, the megabytes included in the package shall not be used while watching BeeTV in 3G or 4G (LTE) mobile networks and no additional fees shall be charged from your balance.

BeeTV application is available On all smartphones and tabs with operating systems iOS 7.0 and Android 4.1 and above. Broadcasting is conducted by “CROSS HI-TECH”.

Postpaid "Business 2" tariff plan is fully available on the first day of the month when you join the package. In the event of joining another day, the subscriber fee and the minutes, SMS and Mb’s provided by the package are calculated by the end of the month.

Prepaid tariff plans are provided through the service “Corporate budget”.

In case of terminating the contract on mobile communication services provision unused means on the balance of the subscriber at the moment of termination of the contract are not returned.

The operator monthly provides invoice to the subscriber for provided services (at the end of billing cycle) according to the operator's actual tariffs.

The volume of the transferred / received data is rounded to the highest value in the billing period. "Mobile GPRS - Internet", "GPRS - WAP", "Internet for All" services - up to 10 kb accurate.

It is recommended to change the tariff plan in the first days of the month in order to avoid additional charges.

The mentioned terms of the tariff plan are valid only on the territory of Armenia.

The maximum duration of one call is 120 minutes.

Tariffication is per second, starting from the 1st second.

The prices are indicated in AMD, including VAT.