Payment validity period

With Beeline don't worry about the payment validity period

If in the past, when recharging your balance, the payment validity period was prolonged in accordance with the recharged amount, and every time you had to recharge your balance to use Beeline mobile communication services, now there are no time limits.

Payment (recharge) time limits were canceled on the 20th of February, 2014.

Now recharge your balance with any amount and use that amount for any Beeline mobile communication services without payment validity period limitation!

The SIM card will be active as long as your balance is positive (there is money on your balance).

You switch to the status of unilateral block (only incoming transactions available) only in case of zero or negative balance.

If you do not recharge your balance for more than 90 days and in case of the absence of any transactions from the moment of switching to the status of unilateral block, your service provision contract shall be terminated (the card shall burn out).