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Speed is in your hands

Speed is in your hands

Download and upload files, media and applications by your mobile internet faster than ever. Beeline 4G - when speed is in your hands!

Frequently asked questions

What is 4G+/LTE-A?

4G+/LTE-A is the newest version of the 4th generation mobile network. It differs from previous standards by a higher communication speed and much more efficient data exchange algorithms.

What are the advantages of the new network type?

4G+/LTE-A allows enjoying mobile internet with the speed up to 170 Mbit/s in the Beeline network.

Where is it available?

4G+/LTE-A network is available in the 80% localities with 4G coverage.

For which devices is it available?*

4G+/LTE-A network is available for the smartphones and other devices of CAT 6 and above category.
*Find information about device compatibility with the new network on the official websites of the manufacturer.

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