More than 65 countries



 From 29,99 AMD/min



 From 6 AMD/MB

In all networks

In all networks


Roaming in UAE

Roaming in UAE

Available destinations and tariffs: list

Internet 15 AMD/MB
Outgoing calls Beeline RA network 250 AMD/min
Incoming and local calls 500 AMD/min
Outgoing calls to other fixed and mobile networks of Armenia 250 AMD/min

Best tariffs



Italy (Wind), Russia, Georgia, (Beeline), Ukraine (Kyivstar)

Available destinations and tariffs: list


Postpaid Internet 10 AMD/MB
Prepaid Internet 10 AMD/MB
First 5 MB = 50 AMD*
Incoming and outgoing calls to Beeline** mobile network of RA 29.99 AMD/min
Outgoing calls to other RA operators and local calls 250 AMD/min

*Upon first usage of Internet during the day AMD 50 is withdrawn from the subscriber's account and 5 MB is provided, then starting from the 6th MB the proce for each next MB is AMD 10

**only +37443, +37499, +37496, +37491, +37433

The most popular directions



France, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Spain, Israel, USA, China, Egypt, Qatar

Available destinations and tariffs: list.


Postpaid Internet 50 AMD/MB
Prepaid Internet* 50 AMD/MB

*First 5 MB = 250 AMD

Outgoing and Incoming calls to Armenia 150 AMD/min
Outgoing calls local 500 AMD/min

*Upon first usage of Internet during the day AMD 250 is withdrawn from the subscriber's account and 5 MB is provided, then starting from the 6th MB the proce for each next MB is AMD 50.




    How to recharge balance abroad?

    In roaming, you can recharge the balance of mobile and fixed number of Beeline network and for Internet through Online payment, ATMs, the points of payments acceptance and with Beeline scratch-card.

    Via universal payment cards

    With the universal payment cards you can recharge the balance, by calling +374080000696 or dialing *101* [card code 16 digits] * [telephone number] # command. You must dial the number by nine-digit format used in Armenia. In order to do this, you have to use Beeline scratch-cards, acquired in Armenia. To activate the scratch-card, call +374 8000-0696 and follow the autoresponder prompts.

    Through the points of payment acceptance

    Balance recharge in roaming through the points of acceptance of payments is available so far only in Russia, UAE and Georgia.

    Additional Information

    A call in roaming to Beeline customer care service numbers is charged at the same rate as an international call from the host country to Armenia.

    For roaming guests

    Choose Beeline network and stay in touch with your relatives and friends while your stay in Armenia.

    Beeline Roaming in Armenia

    Beeline service coverage in Armenia is presented here. To choose Beeline network, please use manual network search in your phone menu. Select Beeline in the list of available networks. Beeline can appear on your phone’s display as Beeline, ArmenTel, ARMGSM, ARMM01 or 28301.

    Available services in roaming

    The following services are available for our roaming guests in Beeline network. Incoming/outgoing calls SMS (sending and receiving) Call blocking Call-waiting Call-forwarding WAP, GPRS-Internet MMS (sending and receiving) International calls Please check with your operator roaming charges and conditions provided in the Beeline network.

    Customer Service

    We offer 24/7 customer support that you can contact during your trip by dialing +374-8000-0611. Calls are paid.

    Emergency Services

    • 101 – Fire rescue.
    • 102 – Police.
    • 103 – Ambulance.
    • 104 – Gas emergency service.
    • 112 – Emergency telephone number All calls to emergency numbers are free of charge.