Talking SMS

Send a voice message to your friends

Sending an SMS to Beeline fixed number

100 AMD

Outgoing call to the short number 8008

90 AMD

The cost of listening an SMS


The cost of sending a reply to  SMS


  • Messages are sent in a standard way, like when you send an ordinary SMS, the number of the recipient must be entered in the following formats: 010XXXXXX or 37410 XXXXXX.
  • SMS can be written in Armenian, Russian and English.
  • A standard SMS consists of 160 characters in Latin alphabet or 70 characters in Cyrillic alphabet. If your phone supports combined SMS, you can enlarge the size of your message up to several SMS, and they will be sent as one voice call.
  • Fixed communication subscriber, to whom such message is sent, receives a telephone call and the automatic answering machine reproduces your message. 
  • The recipient can optionally send a reply message.

To send a reply SMS you need to dial *, leave a reply message and press * to end the record.

Press # to listen to the incoming SMS once more.

To listen the reply, the mobile communication Subscriber needs to call to the short number 8008.

  • If the subscriber does not answer to the call or the number is busy or the text of the SMS was not reproduced up to the end, the system will automatically repeat sending the message in the coming 24 hours.
  • If the subscriber does not answer to the call within 60 seconds, the system repeats the call after 10 minutes, in case of failure the call will be repeated after 20 minutes, after 40 minutes, and then every 60 minutes (the maximum quantity of repeated calls is 5);
  • If the called number is busy, the system repeats the call after 5 minutes, in case of failure repeats the call after 10 minutes, and then every 20 minutes (the maximum quantity of repeated calls is 5);
  • If the call was rejected by the fixed communication subscriber, the system will consider the message delivered, and there will be no redial.

When writing an SMS in another language, the quality of text reproduction may be unsatisfactory. For correct message reproduction it is not recommended to use several languages in the message, abbreviations and acronyms, specific lexicon. Please note, that such kind of messages will be deemed indecorous and will not be delivered.

Maximum call duration is limited to 1.6 minutes. Upon expiry of that time the call shall automatically end.

SMS will not be delivered, if:

  • contains prohibited materials (messages of advertising, offensive or obscene character, etc.)
  • the fixed number is blocked.

Prices are indicated in AMD, including VAT.

The service is available to mobile communication all tariff plans subscribers.

The service is not available in roaming.

Calls to the fixed communication Subscriber number are made only from 8:00 till 22:00. In case of sending an SMS after 22:00, the mobile communication Subscriber will receive an SMS with the following text: the SMS to the number 010XXXXXX will be delivered at 8:00 a.m.

Mobile and fixed communication subscribers are informed about SMS delivery/delivery failure.