COMBO 0 Trial period


Landline internet

Landline internet

100 Mbit/sec

2 months free trial. Connect and test yourself.

Calls to Beeline mobile network

15.9 AMD/min

Calls to other mobile networks of RA and NKR

15.9 AMD/min

SMS to all networks of RA and NKR

15.9 AMD

SMS to international networks

20 AMD

MMS to all networks of RA and NKR

15.9 AMD

MMS to international networks

299 AMD

MMS to Beeline networks in CIS countries

50 AMD



  • The subscriber is provided with a VDSL modem for fixed internet service.
  • Also a prepaid mobile phone number is provided, which does not have inclusions.
  • After 2 months of trial, the fixed internet will be suspended.
  • The subscriber chooses one of the existing COMBO service packages during 2 months the trial period or 30 days after its expiration.
  • In case if The Subscriber does not make a choice, the fixed internet will be disconnected within 30 days after the end of the 2-month trial period.
  • If the package is not selected, the Subscriber is obliged to return the modem within 30 days after the end of the trial period.
  • No term contract is signed during the free trial period.
  • The "2 months trial period" offer is available only for the new subscribers of fixed Internet  with VDSL technology.
  • A new subscriber is a subscriber who has never had a fixed Beeline Internet or a fixed Internet contract has been terminated before the "2 months trial" offer.
  • The "2 months trial" offer is avaialble for individuals and subscribers of "My Company" service.
  • The service package is available only in the following localities: Abovyan, Artashat, Vayk, Goris, Stepanavan, Vardenis.