The “Laughcall” service allows you to make calls within Beeline mobile network, changing your voice in online mode. You are offered the following voice versions: 

  • Baby voice
  • Horror voice
  • Galactic ranger voice
  • Two beavers voice
  • Robot voice
  • Elf voice
  • Male voice
  • Female voice
  • Ironman voice
  • Echo voice

Call 8050 and follow the voice menu instructions.

Call 8050 and follow the voice menu instructions.

You can make “Laughcall” with duration up to 30 minutes a day for 29 AMD per day.

  • The service is available to all Beeline mobile network subscribers.
  • The subscribers, who have activated the service “Calling line identification restriction”, cannot use the “Laughcall” service.
  • The subscribers cannot use the “Laughcall” service in roaming.
  • If the Subscriber wishes to subscribe to the “Laughcall” service again after refusing it, the subscription fee for the current day will be deducted from his account: 29 AMD.