My Melody

The “My melody” service allows you to replace the usual call waiting tone with a melody, which the person calling you hears, with favorite melodies and funny jokes. Learn more on web-site.

  • Send SMS with the text ON to the number 0644 
  • Send SMS with the melody code to the number 0644
  • Call the 0644 number and follow the voice instructions
  • Register on web-site
  • Send SMS with the text STOP to the number 0644 
  • Call 0644 and follow the voice instructions

Activation - 0 AMD

Subscription fee - 11 AMD

Cost of one melody - 295 or 500 AMD

Connecting the “VIP Melody” additional option, you can choose any melody from the offered set daily, within the framework of daily tariffication for option use, without paying for specific melodies selected.

You can choose reproduction of a certain melody for a particular day or event (for example: day of week, holiday), set melody reproduction at a certain time (for example, from 13:00 to 14:00), set a melody to a particular subscriber or a group of subscribers.
You are also provided with the opportunity to order a melody as a gift to another subscriber.

“VIP Мелодия” option Subscription fee for 24 hours is 14 AMD.

Find out more at web-site.

For prepaid subscribers: if the funds on the balance are not enough to charge the service subscription fee, the service will be still provided on credit within 10 days. In case of absence of recharging upon the expiry of this period, the service provision will be suspended. The credit sum in the amount of 110 AMD will be written off upon recharging.

The first 5 minutes of the call to 0644 number are free of charge, starting from the 6th minute the call is tariffed 5 AMD per minute (inclusive of VAT) with per-second billing.

Sending SMS to 0644 number is free.

PIN code for authorization on «My melody» site is sent to you via SMS upon entering the telephone number in the relevant window on the first step. You should enter your number in yy xxxxxx format, where yy is the code of Beeline, e.g. 91, and xxxxxx is the mobile number of the subscriber.

While making a present, you pay only the cost of the melody you give as a gift. If the subscriber, to whom you give a melody as a gift, has not activated the «My melody» service yet, the acceptance of the gift will be the fact of its activation.

Upon service activation the signals will be automatically replaced with a free standard melody. You can replace the standard melody with any other melody by choosing it from the catalogue on site or making a call to 0644 number.

Different validity periods are set up for melodies: termless, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. The cost and the validity period of the melody are indicated on the site of the service

In case of «VIP Melody» option activation daily service fee in the amount of 14 AMD with VAT is charged per day, additionally to the service fee of «My melody» services in the amount of 11 AMD per day.

After the melody is bought, it is added to the list. The list of the purchased melodies can be viewed in «My melodies» section on the Websites ( or listened to by calling 0644 number. 

After the activation of «My Melody» service you receive Private melody library, where you can save up to 50 melodies. Melodies are saved in the Private melody library, and do not occupy any space in the phone memory.