Corporate Internet

Guaranteed bandwidth Internet for Your business

  • Available throughout RA
  • Access through reserved infrastructure nodes

Guaranteed Internet- Monthly fee

Speed KB/sec.



34,800 AMD


62,400 AMD


90,000 AMD

3072 more than for the traffic 1024 KB/sec.

With an agreemen (contract)

Subscription fee for receiving IP address

Speed KB/sec.


8 initial IP address


For every 8 additional IP address

5000 AMD

All prices are indicated in AMD, including VAT.

In case of problems regarding the Internet service provision, the priority of their arrangement is given in the following sequence, according to the priority level:

1. TCP / IP transit traffic services for legal entities that have a data transfer and Internet service provision license,
2.” Internet for large businesses” for legal entities
3. Service recovery period is 24 hours (in case of emergency).

For detailed information call 010-700-700
24/7 customer support for Corporate clients - 8300

Fixed internet