Tariff plan 2

Business and governmental subscriber


Calls to Beeline fixed network

Calls to Beeline fixed network

1,600 min

Fee is 10200 AMD per month.

Local and intercity calls, starting from the 1601st minute

5 AMD/min.

Calls to landline networks of RA other operators and landline networks of NKR

5 AMD/min.

Calls to mobile networks of RA and NKR, 07.00-23.00

70 AMD/min.

Calls to mobile networks of RA and NKR, 23.00-07.00

49 AMDmin.

Tariff for Internet (Dial-up) access service

1 AMD/min.

Prices are indicated in AMD, inclusive of VAT.

In case of changing ownership with another physical or legal entity the tariff for “Nice” number will not be charged.

In case of renaming the telephone line at the same address with changed ownership to another physical or legal entity, another telephone number will be provided free of charge in case the new Subscriber does not want a “Nice” number.

Reinstallation of telephone line with “nice” telephone number witin the servicing area of the same tandem is carried according to corresponding tariffs set for telephone line reinstallation.