Detailed Bill

Listing of accounts

You can learn about what numbers have been dialed, and how your resources have been consumed from detailed listing of accounts – detailing1.

Account detailing is provided to legal entities only on the basis of written application2 during the visit to Beeline’s Customer Care Office3.

If Subscriber is a legal entity:

• The authorized person of that organization presents a passport and a letter of attorney, certified by notary
• Fills in the application for account detailing.

Detailed bill4 (in the office)

10 AMD

Detailed bill (bye-mail)


Prices are indicated in AMD, inclusive of VAT.

 1Account detailing is not a financial document and is not verified by signature of responsible person and stamp of the organization, as it is not intended for presenting to taxing or any other controlling organs, it is only of informative character.

The application of legal entity must include the telephone number for which the account detailing is requested, and must be stamped and signed by the organization’s director.

3 Detailed information about account detailing terms, service cost, as well as procedure and duration is available at Customer Care Offices.

4 Tariff for one sheet only for calls to local landline telephone numbers; to other directions it is provided free of charge.