Warning System

Secure your office security with landline connection

The Warning System service is a paid valued added service, empowering the customers to ensure security of their office or apartment with the help of a provided landline.

The service works by connecting the remote-control panel of the police to the station of “Telecom Armenia”. Thereafter the facility stays under 24-hour surveillance of the police.

Lump-sum payment for enabling the service 6 000 AMD
Monthly fee for the service 1 200 AMD

The service gets enabled/ disabled only based upon applicable written request by a customer submitted to any of the Beeline retail shops (the service shall be provided after the customer has applied to the police department thereof).

The service is available to both natural and legal persons, upon providing applicable documents by them.

A natural person should provide:

• Passport
• Written application for providing the service

A legal person should provide:

• A written application signed by the company executive and verified with the company seal;
• A power of attorney (executed by the company’s respective officer)

The “Warning system” service and “Hi-Line” Service cannot be simultaneously connected together.