4G pocket WiFi modem for tourists (Prepaid)


Terms of usage

  • In order to use the service the subscriber need to pay 20.000 AMD guarantee fee for the router.
  • The guarantee fee of 20.000 AMD will be compensated when the subscriber returns the router (SM25).
  • Offer is available only for the citizens of other countries.
  • Offer is active till February 29.



Drive MIDI
Drive MAXI
Drive MAXI+
High-speed internet
50 GB 80 GB 100 GB
Tariff plan validity
1 month

After the expiration date of high speed internet 
The internet is not available until the end of validity date of the tariff plan.The user can activate "Additional Internet" package instead.
5500 AMD 7500 AMD 10500 AMD


  • The subsciber can activate this offer only once (the service uses passport information)․
  • The router (SM25) is provided for 30 days since the contract activation date. 
  • The subscriber is provided with WiFi router and USB connector(without packaging)․
  • The subscriber have to return the WiFi router within 3 days after the contract expiration date,otherwise the amount paid (20.000 AMD) will not be returned compensated․
  • In frames of the offer the voice services:incoming and outgoing calls are not available in Drive Midi,Maxi,Maxi+ tariff plans.
  • The "Additional internet" package can be used until the expiration date of the main package.
  • Transition to this plan from another tariff plan is not available.

When the Internet traffic of the main package is exhausted the"Additional Internet" package is automatically activated

Additional Internet package


Activation fee

500 AMD

Period of validity

Until the expiration date of the main package 

Internet speed

High speed internet

Internet volume

3 GB




5005 text  to a number 0674 

The "Additonal Internet" package can be used until the last day of the main package validity term.

The routers are available at all offices