Regional 3500 (Prepaid)

Lots of 4G Internet and even more

Internet volume

Internet volume

50 GB


3,500 AMD/monthly
"Smart 990 Regional"

"Smart 990 Regional"


Main voice telephone number

On-net mobile minutes on Beeline network

10000 min.


1500 MB


150 SMS


10 channels

Internet phone number


50 GB

For switching to or enabling the «Regional 3500» bundle you should visit any nearest Beeline retail store, except for the retail stores in Yerevan city.

Switching to the main voice phone number from pre-paid tariff plan

200 AMD 

Switching to the main voice phone number from post-paid tariff plan

0  AMD 

Switching to internet telephone number from post-paid tariff plans

200 AMD 

Switching to internet telephone number from post-paid tariff plans

0 AMD 

Main Voice Telephone Number

On-net calls to the mobile network of Beeline RA (during 30 days after the bundle expires)

15.9 AMD/min

Off-net calls to other mobile networks of RA and NKR and to all landline networks (for 30 days when the bundle is active)

15.9 AMD/min

Calls to all mobile and landline network numbers in RA and NKR (when the bundle is inactive)

19.9 AMD/min

Internet (for 30 days after the bundle expires)


Internet (when the bundle is inactive)


SMS to networks of RA and NKR

15.9 AMD

SMS to international networks

20 AMD

MMS to local networks

15.9 AMD

MMS to international networks

299 AMD

MMS to network of Beeline in CIS countries

50 AMD

Internet Phone Number

After consuming the high-speed Internet capacity provided before the expiry of the service bundle validity term no Internet shall be provided.

SMS to networks of RA and NKR

20 AMD

SMS to international mobile networks

30 AMD

When the internet bundle expires

  • The service «Additional 1GB of Internet» is available on the internet telephone number, which can be activated after the main capacity of Internet (50 GB) is consumed.
  • The service «Additional 1GB of Internet» provides 1GB of high-speed internet with 1-day duration (until the end of the next day).
  • Service activation fee – AMD 200, connect through *0200# or by sending the text 0200 to the number 0674.

Voice Telephone Numbers։

To check the used minutes, the number of SMS messages and MBs, please dial the command *113#.

To check your balance, please dial the command *102#.

Internet Telephone Numbers։

To check the amount of MBs used, please dial the command *207#.

10.000 onnet minutes can be used only when you are outside the borders of Yerevan city.

Group members are the telephone numbers, provided in the scope of the «Regional 3500» bundled services.

The bundle shall be provided upon the condition of subscribing to it for a period of 18 months.

Monthly fee for «Regional 3500» service bundle is AMD 3500 with a duration of 30 days.

At the time of subscribing to the bundle the subscriber shall pay additional AMD 100, apart from the monthly fee, for using the Beeline 4G WiFi router.

When the 18-month payment is complete and over, the Beeline 4G WiFi router shall become the property of the customer.

Upon availability of enough funds on your balance after 30 days, the monthly fee shall be charged from your account and provision of services shall be automatically extended.

50 GB of high-speed internet, coming with the bundle, shall be provided on the first day of connecting to the bundle.

When the high-speed internet capacity is not used fully within 30 days, the remaining balance of the internet shall not be reset to zero and it shall be transferred to the next month.

MB-s are transmitted to the next month - the maximum amount of transmitted internet is equal to monthly provided volume and only in case of package extension. 

No voice services (access to incoming or outgoing calls) are available to the subscribers of internet phone numbers.

When the service bundle is not re-activated after 15 days (on the 16th day), the contract shall be terminated unilaterally with a fine imposed on the main number.

The customer can terminate the contract for 18 months with no fines implicated therewith

Upon termination of the contract, the device must be returned

In the event of damage or loss of the Beeline 4G WiFi router, the cost of the device shall be added to the main telephone number and shall be subject to payment