Giga 10 GB (Prepaid)

High speed internet package for smartphone


Internet volume

Internet volume

10 GB


3,500 AMD/monthly


  USSD request *1110#
  Call 06741110
  1110 text to 0674    
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*Use *203# request to check the amount of spent Internet (in kilobytes) traffic within the service.

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  Via "My Beeline Armenia" application.

  • “GIGA 10” service from “VEON Armenia” CJSC provides to subscribers of prepaid mobile service opportunity to use Internet without speed limitation for 31 days (including connection day) for 3500 AMD per month (including VAT)
  • Starting from the day of connection and until the expiring of term on the 31th day, subscriber is given 10GB of high speed internet without per MB tariffication, after spending which and till the 31th day subscriber can use internet by paying according to the current megabyte tariffication of subscribers tariff plan.
  • If until expiring of the 31th day after subscribing to the service subscriber don’t spend all 10 GB high speed internet connection traffic the amount of GBs on balance will be reset. .
  • On the 31th day after service connection and if there is sufficient amount on the phone balance (more than monthly payment), on the period from 00:00 to 03:00,  payment in amount of 3500 AMD will be charged and the service will be automatically prolonged for another 31 days.
  • If after expiring of service validity (31 days) on the subscribers phone balance will be insufficient amount (more than monthly payment), there will be given 1 day (observation period) for balance recharging. After balance recharge on the required amount during the observation period 3500 AMD will be charged and service will be reconnected for the 31 days including reconnection day.
    If until the end of 1st day of observation period subscribers balance will not be recharged on the required for the connection amount (more than 3500 AMD) the service will not be automatically reconnected and for the connection you would have to enter the relevant code.
  • Subscriber can deactivate the service in any time (till the observation period too) by entering the deactivation code.
  • “GIGA 10” service is acceptable for subscriber of all prepaid tariff plans from “VEON Armenia” CJSC except subscribers of  “Basic”, “Night”, “Unlimited”, “Step”, “Infinity”, “Internet Today” and “Drive” mobile internet tariff plans.
  • “GIGA 10” service can’t be used simultaneously with other services as Mega150, Mega300, Mega500, Light, Pro, MegaPro, Regular, Premium, Forsage, Active, Active 7 and Non-Stop.