Maxi 10 GB (Postpaid)

Hight speed Internet package for prepaid and postpaid subscribers

Fee is 6000 AMD.

  • Call 06747710
  • Send SMS with the text   7710   to the number 0674   
  • Dial the command *7710#

Upon service activation Internet package is provided also for the next months at the beginning of each month till deactivation, for corresponding package monthly fee.  Internet package is fully provided on the first day of the month in case of connection to the package.  In case of connecting on another day, the package cost and the MBs provided with the package are calculated in accordance with the period starting from the package purchase day till the end of the given month.   

In case of not using all the megabytes, provided for the given month, they are not transferred to next month.   In case of using the megabytes of the Internet package during the month, the cost of sent/received data is calculated as per the tariff of the active tariff plan. 

In case of connecting more than 1 package during a month, the megabytes, included in them are accumulated and in the next month the subscriber receives total megabytes of all connected packages, corresponding package cost is charged from the subscriber for each package.  

To change/deactivate Internet package one need to apply to Beeline Sales and Customer Care Offices or Customer support service (0611) and to submit an application about current package change/deactivation. Package change/deactivation will be made on the last day of the current month. 

In case of tariff plan change during the validity period of the activated package, as well as telephone number and SIM card replacement and in case of number blocking/unblocking, internet balance and validity period are not preserved.

To receive information about unused megabytes of the activated Internet package and validity period one needs to dial:    

For Postpaid system subscribers the command (information is provided per kilobytes) հրահանգը (տեղեկատվությունը` կիլոբայթերով)


When using Mobile Internet service in roaming, traffic package is not consumed. In roaming, used megabytes of Mobile Internet are charged in accordance with corresponding tariffs of Internet traffic in roaming.

 If the remaining balance of activated Internet package is less than 1MB and you simultaneously generate more than one Internet session, in this case the remaining balance of the Internet package will be used only for the first Internet session, all the other sessions will be charged in accordance with your Tariff Plan conditions.

“Internet packages” includes the traffic intended to passes over, and access points.

All prices are indicated in AMD, including VAT.