Virtual servers with their settings and control panel 

Corporate customers are offered the «VDS» service - (Virtual Dedicated Server), with availability to receive virtual dedicated servers with their settings and control panel with root access, own IP addresses, ports, filter rules and routing tables, which also give the opportunity of managing any settings and setup of the necessary software.

  • Virtual dedicated server, which emulates the work of separate physical server;
  • Creation of new versions of own system libraries in the virtual server or modification of existing ones: VDS owner can delete, add, change/modify any files including system files, as well as install own applications or set up/modify those already installed;
  • Absolute isolation which guarantees safety, total isolation of virtual servers functions and performance;
  • Virtual server resource enhancement up to the capacity of the entire physical server; Full remote access to the virtual server management with the rights of root super-user privileges and resource management executive rights.

The customer will be provided with a set of parameters with Linux OS operating system installation and without operating system installation.

Set up is made in the system for full backup by the customer according to the schedule set by the customer. Data recovery will also be performed by the Customer.

One-time service

VDS connection fee

10000 AMD  

Operating system reinstallation

8000 AMD  

Monthly payments

Subscription fee*

10000 AMD  

Additional services

Extra disk space (HDD) provision for each 1 GB

500 AMD  

Extra RAM provision for each 128 MB

1000 AMD  


Disk space for user’s files**

10 GB  

Random-access memory

512 MB  

Root Access


Unlimited volume resources uplink/downlink speed

up to 20 MB/s  

Dedicated IP-address


24/7 monitoring***




Operating system reinstallation*****


All prices are indicated in AMD, inclusive of VAT.

* Upon service provision the customer shall make an advance payment from subscription fee for 6/12 months. In case of service cancellation by the customer the service price shall be recalculated.

** Disk space allocation option shall be provided upon the customer’s request.

*** Service maintenance is performed on business days and during business hours.

**** The customer shall organize backup of his/her resources by himself/herself.

***** In the event when the service is provided to the Customer with Linux OS operating system installation, OS shall be installed without configuration file and user’s data saving.