Mobile ID

Payments and identification using mobile phone.


  • Online deals just through mobile phone.
  • More simple authentication process.
  • Low level of risks during online deals providing.
  • Safe identification process.
  • Less documents and signing of documents online.
  • Mobile ID service provides subscribers opportunity to authenticate without card-reader device.
  • Service provides access from everywhere and you can approve or sign necessary documents at any time.
  • Minimal need for visiting public institutions.
  • Secured personal data during online operations.

For service activation:

  • Availability of valid ID card
  • Application to the mobile operator to receive special USIM-card with Mobile ID service
  • Activate service following instructions on website

Documents required to purchase and activate the service:


  • Subscriber’s ID card (the service is activated only if there is an ID card, a passport and a social card are not accepted).
  • Power of attorney from legal entities.
  • Copy of passport or ID card of company director.
  • Company license from state. Register (new corporate subscriber).


  • ID card (service is activated only if there is an ID card, passport and social card are not accepted).
  • Company license from state register (new corporate subscriber).
  • Seal.

The MobileID service is provided by Nikita Mobile LLC. In case of questions call 010590330.