Commercial SMS Delivery

SMS delivery to Beeline mobile operator subscribers


With the help of «Commercial SMS-delivery» service SMS-delivery is provided on behalf of Beeline mobile network subscribers from different organizations wishing to inform their customers about promo campaigns, events, new services, products etc.

Mailout of marketing SMS to the mobile network of Beeline


from 2000 up to 5000


from 5001 up to 25000


from 25001 up to 50000


from 50001 up to 100000


from 100000 and more



All prices are indicated in AMD, inclusive of VAT.

The service is provided both upon availability of applicable database of the Customer or upon unavailability of such, based on the Operator’s database of subscribers who previously opted in to receive commercial SMS in the scope of this Service.

  • You can opt out from receiving commercial SMS by dialing the 0674454 command or sending a free SMS to 0674 number with "454" text.
  • You can re-activate the option of receiving commercial SMS by dialing the 0674434 command or sending a free SMS to 0674 number with "434" text.

The service is provided only to legal entities, on the basis of a written Application-request by the Customer, according to Operator’s approved Price-List.

• SMS delivery is not performed by the Operator on public holidays as set out by applicable laws of RA, at the Operator’s discretion, as well as on days of technical workload.

• SMS delivery is not performed at evening/night hours (21:00-10:00).

• SMS delivery to all the specified Subscribers can not be guaranteed by the Operator.

• The delivery is made by single thread and cannot be divided into days or hours within one order (except when the Operator finds it necessary for the purpose of reducing the system load).

• SMS delivery cannot be performed on behalf of an individual.

• No telephone number or short code can be used as Sender ID and must be included in the text of the SMS to ensure feedback/contact with the Customer.

• The Operator shall take SMS-mailout requests to a minimum of 2000 numbers.


• SMS texts should not promote services of “VEON Armenia” CJSC competitors.


• SMS texts should not contain political messages, including but not limited to appeals to vote for a certain political party and/or candidate, to participate or not to in elections, etc. The SMS texts should not contain information, the spreading (disclosure) of which is forbidden by applicable laws of the Republic of Armenia.

• SMS texts should not contain information discrediting the Operator, services provided by the Operator or pornographic material, etc. If the SMS text contains advertizing materials, it should comply with RA advertising law requirements. 

• The Operator reserves the right to exclude, without notice, the numbers of Subscribers who had previously complained of receiving promotional SMS or had opted out from receiving SMS from the Customer.

• The Operator is entitled to refuse providing the Service due to its technical capabilities (system load) for the period of planned bulking.

 If the Customer fails to comply with the requirements specified in the above-mentioned clauses, the Service provision can be suspended /terminated.

The mobile network Operator shall not be the delivery initiator and shall not be liable for the activities of the Customer as well as for any consequences of these actions directly or indirectly affecting third parties.   

• The Operator shall not be liable for the actions/omissions as well as the decisions of the Customer which can result in possible claims by the delivery Participant.

• The Operator does not provide any information relating to the Customer’s delivery subject. All questions and complaints concerning the delivery arrangements must be directed to and handled by the Customer.

• The Operator allows sending SMS to the Operator’s Subscribers exclusively within the Operator’s network coverage.

• The Operator shall not be liable for the contents of SMS.

• The operator shall not accept any claims relating to SMS delivery period: SMS delivery is not immediate and can last up to 24 hours.

• The operator shall not accept any claims relating to the fact of SMS delivery, since the delivery Participant’s number can be switched off and unavailable within 24 hours.

• All claims connected with the delivery content shall be directed to the Customer.

SMS bulking is performed according to the approved Price-list.

If the mailout is performed to the numbers from Operator’s database, the Customer shall have no access to that database (numbers, addresses, etc.).

The Operator shall align the delivery schedule, the text and the sender’s name (Sender ID) in advance. 

If the sender's name is identical with any known brand name, the Operator has the right to request from the Customer relevant supporting documentation.

The customer assumes full responsibility for the content of SMS-messages, as well as for any harm caused to the delivery participants and/or to third parties.