Send music or amazing picture by MMS-messages

Make the communication with your close ones exciting and interesting (Multimedia Messaging Service).
If you phone supports MMS service, you can send and receive colorful texts and pictures, animations, music audio-files to your friends and family, both to phones and email addresses. 

  • Presently, maximum capacity of transferring information in one MMS-message is up to 300 Kbyte.
  • You can send the receiver some photos where you are in your summerhouse or on the beach, a favorite music fragment of one-minute duration and accompany them with a text of 1000 symbols.
  • You can use MMS service in roaming without changing your phone setup.
  • You can also exchange MMS messages with other operators’ subscribers. 
Activation 0 AMD
Receiving MMS 0 AMD
MMS service tariffs are set according to your tariff plan.
  • Dial the receiver’s telephone number in +37491ХХХХХХ, +37496ХХХХХХ, +37499ХХХХХХ or 091ХХХХХХ, 096ХХХХХХ, 099ХХХХХХ format.
  • When sending to an e-mail, insert the full e-mail address. For example:

Maximum storage volume of transferred information in one MMS message is 300 Kb. When sending an MMS message, follow the instructions available in your phone. Even if your recipient's phone does not support MMS or the service is not connected, he/she will receive a link to your sent message and will be able to see it through the Internet or via WAP browser directly on the phone screen.

  • «MMS» service is already activated for your number.
  • You can activate the service by visiting Beeline retail shops or calling the applicable phone numbers.
  • Before service activation, make sure that your telephone supports MMS. You will find this information in your telephone user manual.

Step 1: Set up the telephone after service activation

Step 2: Switch off the telephone and switch it on again in order to subscribe to MMS system.

Switch the telephone menu into English and set up the telephone, using the following parameters:   

Profile name:  Beeline MMS
Data Bearer:  GPRS
User name: -
Password: -
Prompt password:  Off
IP address:
IP port:  8080
Home page:  http://mms/
Authentication type: Normal
Connection security:  Off
Connection type: Permanent
  • Select in the telephone menu: Messages → MMS-messages → Create new
  • Add a picture, music or a text
  • Insert receiver’s number or e-mail and press Send.
  • If you change your mobile phone or your SIM-card, you will automatically receive settings via SMS.
  • You can save the settings or discard them.
  • If you haven’t saved the settings and if you wish to receive the settings once more, you will have the option of ordering them by sending a free SMS message with text «3» to the short number 1212 or by contacting the Call Center (0611).

You can send MMS, being abroad. No additional settings are required. Just make sure that the local operator in the country you are interested in provides GPRS-roaming, and that the international communication and MMS service is connected.