One Price to all directions

Cost for switching is 200 AMD.

Cost for switching from "Super Mix", "ReMix", "MegaMix" to "Convenient+" is 2000 AMD.

Calls to all mobile networks of RA and NKR

19,9 AMD



SMS to all mobile networks of RA and NKR

19.9 AMD

SMS to international mobile networks

20 AMD

"Convenient+" service is automatically connected, upon first activation.

The specified tariff plan conditions are valid only on the territory of the RA.

When tariff plan is changed, Subscriber agrees with all conditions, including the necessity of repeatedly connecting a number of additional services and pay for their connection, if it is envisaged by a new tariff plan.

In case of terminating the contract on mobile network services provision unused means on subscribers balance at the moment of termination of the contract won't be returned.

The tariff plan is unlimited.

Switching to other tariff plans is available.

"Mobile GPRS – Internet", "GPRS – WAP", "Internet for all" - the calculation of transferred data at the end of reporting period is rounded up with accuracy of 1 KB.

*"Mobitel" (Georgia), "Kar-Tel" (Kazakhstan), "Beeline" (Russia), "Kyivstar" (Ukraine), "Unitel" (Uzbekistan) и "Таком" (Tajikistan).

Based on the network load and technical conditions, the Operator reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the contract of prepaid payment system subscribers and recalculate the balance.

Tariffication is per second, starting from the 1st second.

All outgoing local calls are rounded up with accuracy of 1 AMD.

The maximum duration of one call on prepaid tariff plans is 120 minutes.

Prices are indicated in AMD, including VAT.