Calls to all networks of RA and NKR 49 AMD

Internet 50 AMD

Calls to all networks of RA and NKR

49 AMD



SMS to local and international mobile networks

20 AMD

Local outgoing calls to Beeline mobile and fixed networks

49 AMD

300 AMD will be charged upon number activation and 200 MB high speed internet will be provided for 30 days.

The specified tariff plan conditions are valid only on the territory of the RA.

The transfers from the tariff plan "Welcome" to prepaid BeeFree, Smart and Convenient+ tariff plans is open, the  activation/prolonging of the services "Let's Talk", "Rusastanyan" and "Side by side" is not available for this tariff plan.

The transfer from other tariff plans to the "Welcome" tariff plan is closed.

Upon terminating the contract for mobile network services the unused sums available on the balance at the moment of termination shall not be returned to the Subscriber.

Maximum duration of one call is 120 minutes.

The volume of data transferred/received for the services “Mobile GPRS – Internet”, “GPRS – WAP”, “Internet for all” - shall be rounded up at the end of reporting period with accuracy of 1 KB.

“Favorite Numbers” service is unavailable for the “Welcome” tariff plan.

“Balance Transfer” and “Minutes of Trust” are not available for the “Welcome” tariff plan.

CIS countries - “Mobitel” (Georgia), “Kar-Tel” (Kazakhstan), “Beeline” (Russia), “URS” (Ukraine), “Unitel” (Uzbekistan) and “Tacom” (Tajikistan).

Prices are indicated in AMD, VAT inclusive.

Tariffication is per second, starting from the 1st second with rounding up to 10 seconds. 

All outgoing calls shall be rounded up to 1 AMD.