Beeline Communications Museum reopens its doors to visitors

26 February
Beeline Communications Museum reopens its doors to visitors

26th February 2019, Yerevan: Beeline reopens the telecommunications museum after refurbishment. The first visitors of the refurbished museum were fourth-grade pupils of Yerevan basic school named after Chekhov. A guided tour to the company offices and the museum was organized for the schoolchildren.

Beeline Telecommunications Museum has a hold of items and materials related to the history of telephone communications in Armenia, as well as exhibits illustrating modern communication technologies applicable in the country. Here, visitors can become familiar with the evolution of telecommunication facilities starting from the beginning of the XX century to modern digital devices of landline, mobile and Internet communications.

The Museum exposition also enables the visitors to find out more about interesting pages from the lives of Armenian telecom personnel, helping to learn about their contribution in rehabilitating telecommunication in the earthquake zone.

“Due to large-scale renovation going on in the main property of Beeline, we had to temporarily suspend the museum work, but from today on we are proud to invite everyone to visit our refurbished telecom museum, which has now grown significantly both in size and in the number of exhibits, with their number continuing growing. By the way, all museum exhibits, even those dating back to the beginning of the XX century, are in a working condition, and our visitors can personally check it out,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

Beeline Telecommunications Museum is located at 24/1 Azatutyan Avenue, Yerevan. Guided tours are free of charge and are held on Fridays, upon prior arrangement by email or by calling +37410290523.

Recap: Beeline Telecommunications Museum was first opened in 2012. The museum has repeatedly joined the “Night of Museums” international event, where thousands of visitors have already seen its exposition.