Pechakucha Night discusses the role and future of technology in our lives.

20 March
Pechakucha Night discusses the role and future of technology in our lives.

20th march, 2019, Yerevan: Beeline Armenia and Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia organized PechaKucha Night titled «Friends with Technology», within the scope of which experts and startup founders from different industries presented and discussed the role and the future of technologies in our lives.

During the event, the speakers discussed the way new technologies shape up modern education, what the telecommunications industry will be like in the future, revealed the potential of digitalization in the development zone, innovations in festival industry.

"Today technologies and the Internet are integral part of our lives,  and it is very important for telecommunication companies and technological startups to understand the direction in which they need to grow and work to provide subscribers with new, convenient services in compliance with 21st century standards," said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

“Technological innovations are now an integral part of any industry, such as culture, education, economics, telecommunications or public services. Any question now can have its own technological solution, and such meetings can give great insights to young entrepreneurs,” said Microsoft Innovation Center Director Artashes Vardanyan.

The event was organized as part of product bootcamp, aiming at promoting technological entrepreneurship and providing mentorship to young people.

During the evening, the two teams Festberg and Rendchain, which became product bootcamp winners, presented their products developed at the bootcamp. The application developed by the Festber team is designed for film festivals, and will bring new experience in this area, making the activity of film fans and festival organizers more advanced and efficient. During the event, members of the Rendchain team presented what the technological world would be like without the server era.







About PechaKucha Night

PechaKucha Nights are informal and joyful meetings. People gather to share ideas, thoughts and views on various topics. The speaker demonstrates 20 images, each with a duration of 20 seconds. Images change automatically, and the speaker must manage to convey the meaning and keep up. Starting in Tokyo in 2003, PechaKucha already spread in over 1,100 cities, arriving to Yerevan in 2010.