Beeline offers “Nice” numbers for half the price

17 April
Beeline offers “Nice” numbers for half the price

17th April, 2018, Yerevan: Beeline announces a special promotion offering half price for "Nice" mobile communication numbers at the Company's Retail Stores. The promotion is valid from April 17 to May 17 this year.

As part of the offer, “silver” category numbers, for example, can be purchased at a price of 10,000 AMD instead of the previous 20,000 AMD, and platin numbers - at a price of 70,000 AMD instead of standard 140,000 AMD.

“We already have had practiced a similar promotion in Beeline online store recently, and after it was over, we received a huge number of requests from customers to continue it in the Company's Retail Stores. At Beeline, we are always very attentive to feedback from customers, therefore we decided to give our favorite subscribers the opportunity to take advantage of a unique offer and purchase nice numbers at half price,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

Recap: as before, “nice” numbers are available at Beeline online store with an additional 20% discount.

For additional information please visit; contact the official page of Beeline Armenia on Facebook; call the toll free number 0611; or visit any nearest Beeline retail store.