Beeline increasing the capacity of mobile internet for their “Smart” tariff plans

14 May

May 14 2019, Yerevan. Beeline announced of increasing the monthly mobile internet capacity for their “Smart” tariff plans.

By doing so, the subscribers of the “Smart 1500” tariff plan shall now receive 3GB of mobile internet instead of the former 1,5 GB, whereas the subscribers of the tariff plans “Smart 2500” and “Smart 3500” shall receive 5GB and 7GB respectively instead of the former 3Gb and 4GB.  

“The capacity of bandwidth used is growing worldwide, and the quality of useful online tools and features is improving day by day. Today, to enable our customers using their favourite features of the mobile smartphones we decided to increase the capacity of Beeline’s mobile internet for our “Smart” tariff plans, which are among the most used. I should note, that now our customers will be receiving almost twice as much of internet per month”, said Andrey Pyatakhin, the Chief Executive Officer of Beeline Armenia.  

It must be noted, that the unused internet capacity in “Smart” tariff plans will not be annuled at the end of the month and will be transferred to the next month balance of the customers.   

For additional information please visit; contact the official page of Beeline Armenia on Facebook by sending an instant message;  or call the toll free number 0611.