The first learning session kicking off in scope of a joint project between Beeline and TUMO

22 May
The first learning session kicking off in scope of a joint project between Beeline and TUMO

22nd May, 2019, Yerevan. On the 20th of May in scope of the cooperation between Beeline Armenia and TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, the TUMO Yerevan kickstarted the Reinforcement Learning workshop, facilitated by Nitarshan Rajkumar, programmer from world renowned Airbnb platform.

Reinforcement Learning lies in-between the crossroad of artificial intelligence, computer science and psychology, dealing with computer interaction with the environment and gaining experience based on that interaction.
The goal of the workshop is sharing theoretical and practical knowledge of Reinforcement Learning with the students. At the end of the day the students will be able to write cutting-edge algorithms for computer games and will gain applicable skills, enabling them to continue the research and tests in this area. 

“Training workshops like this are essential contribution for our students in gaining real work experience with the leading speacialists of the industry”, said Marie Lou Papazian, the TUMO director.

“Armenia and the young people of Armenia have enormous potential in the industry of advanced technologies. Our children would only need to be given opportunities to learn and further develop their skills. I am confident that similar trainings and communication with the world-renowned experts will not only provide new skills to the youth but will also inspire them accordingly”, said Andrey Pyatakhin, the Chief Executive Officer of Beeline Armenia.  

In April 2019 Beeline Armenia and TUMO announced of kicking off their cooperation, in scope of which leading specialists from the technological sector shall be visiting TUMO during 2019 to carry out workshops, i.e. practical projects with the Tumo students in a number of areas such as machine learning, web programming, 3D modelling, etc. Overall, over 100 students will take part in the projects.