Beeline and Nikita Mobile launch Mobile ID service in Armenia for the first time

26 June

26th June, 2019, Yerevan: Beeline and Nikita Mobile LLC announce the launch of Mobile ID service, an effective tool for personal identification using a smartphone and verification of documents with an electronic signature. The service has become a reality thanks to the cooperation between Beeline Armenia, LLC “Nikita Mobile” and the only certification center in Armenia “EKENG” CJSC.

 The service allows subscribers to perform identification on the Internet and electronically sign documents using Mobile ID with no card reading equipment. This makes it possible to carry out all transactions online via only a mobile phone.

 “Mobile ID launch is a significant event not only for Beeline, but also for the entire Armenia. This is another step towards a more transparent, convenient and faster relationship between citizens, the government and businesses. I am proud that it is Beeline that continues to be the forerunner in introducing innovations that make the digital world around us more user-friendly and convenient,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

 “Nikita Mobile LLC, being an innovative company, has been operating in the Armenian market for over 10 years, developing interesting projects and introducing global innovations in the digital industry in Armenia, a vivid example of which is Mobile ID. The introduction of Mobile ID is aligned with the programs of the Government of the Republic of Armenia and is an important, if not one of the most crucial tools in the process of Armenia’s digital transformation. It turns a mobile phone into a “magic wand” for online transactions, being anywhere in the world. The launch of the service will contribute to improving the position of Armenia in both regional and world ranking charts, such as the Doing Business, implemented by the World Bank, and UN E-Government,” said Nikita Mobile Founder Ara Yagjyan.

 The service allows you to conduct online transactions, ensuring the security of personal data and transactions carried out in direct mode, allowing, in particular, to reduce the need for personal visits to government agencies.

 To use the service, you need to visit a Beeline Retail Store with a valid eID card and get a special USIM card that contains the downloaded Mobile ID service. Then you need to activate the service, following the instructions on website. The cost of a USIM card is AMD 2000, and the cost of Mobile ID service is AMD 600.

  For service information, subscribers can call the 010590330 number.