Beeline CEO gave a lecture at the GITELIQ Creative forum

01 July

1st July, 2019, Yerevan: Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin, took part in the third GITELIQ Creative forum. The executive of the company gave a lecture on "New technologies - new opportunities."

The third GITELIQ Creative forum was held at the head office of AGBU Armenia. The forum is a series of events in Armenia in a completely new format. It provides an opportunity to acquire knowledge about trending and topics of interest and get acquainted with leading experts in various fields, establish new connections and business contacts, and combine business and pleasure.

“At all times, technology has been the most important factor in the development of mankind. Vaccines and container shipments have changed our lives, and today we are striving to understand which technology will soon change our lives, the aspirations of young people and the range of future professions. It is about these technologies that I want to talk with the participants of today's forum,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

“We are confident that the 21st century is the time of a new type of education and development. It is not enough to have knowledge in a certain field today, to create something new, it is necessary to use the knowledge and experience used in other fields, especially when different industries are now getting closer to each other. That is why GITELIQ focuses on the fact that representatives of different, even unrelated fields participate at the same forum,” said co-founder of GITELIQ Creative Forum Levon Sargizov.

The event was attended by representatives of various organizations and show business.