Notification to Subscribers using Roaming Services in Turkey

11 November

According to Turkish Law 7186 & 23 permanent data roamers will be banned from Turkish mobile networks.

Permanent data roamer is defined as: cumulative user of roaming services by the same IMEI for 91 days (accumulated) or more per 120 days period.

With consideration of Turkish law requirements, Beeline is warning his subscribers on the necessity of registering their mobile devices by submitting IMEI number list during Turkish customs procedures, in case of intention of using data services (M2M, etc.) with long lasting perspective.

The users whose IMEIs  had been detected to be permanently in roaming according to the above principle before 19.07.2019,  will  have possibility to register their devices on by paying 250₺ (Turkish lira) to be able to continue using them with Turkish Mobile networks. Otherwise, upon failure to register those devices as described above, will be blacklisted in Turkish CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) and will be banned from Turkish mobile networks after 30 days.