Best PR specialists of Armenia will be awarded for the fourth time

13 December

13th of December 2019, Yerevan: This year, the Armenian PR Award Ceremony will take place at the initiative of the Armenian PR Association, a scientific and informational NGO, and with the assistance of Beeline for the fourth time.


The award is held to evaluate the work done in the field of public relations and communications, at the same time to speak about the problems, achievements and challenges in the field.


During the year, the Armenian PR Association monitored events in this area based on scientific research. Together with focus groups selected by experts and media representatives, discussions and polls were organized, which were subjected to qualitative and quantitative analysis. The results of the research will be announced during the award ceremony.


“The Armenian PR Association does not miss anything, from politics to business: regular monitoring of the work of agencies and the activities of government, political, public figures is carried out. This year, we have provided organizations the opportunity to freely present their programs and implemented initiatives. Specialists in public relations and communications could have also nominated themselves,” said Astghik Avetisyan, President of the Armenian PR Association, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Journalism of YSU, Cand. Sc. Philology.


''In our daily work, we strive to ensure exceptional transparency in communication with the public and  pay great attention to this area. I believe that such meetings and  the assessment of public relations specialists will only have a  positive impact on developing our country”, said Andrey Pyatakhin, Chief Executive Officer of Beeline Armenia.

At the final stage of the research, the top three will be selected in each nomination. At the final stage the winner will be elected by a secret ballot.

The evaluation committee includes local and international experts. The chairman of the committee is the famous German communications specialist, speechwriter, Dr. Wazrik Bazil, the members are Hrachuhi-Mary Poghosyan (Professor, University of California, Los Angeles, Head of the Center for the Promotion of Innovation and Research), Miro Khanzadyan (American PR specialist of Armenian origin, the founder of “GlobalHye & Associates”), Naira Nazaryan (Head of PR, Beeline Armenia), Khachik Galstyan (Doctor of Political Sciences, PR Specialist), Ruzanna Ivanyan (Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Journalism and Media Technologies, St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technology and Design) and Astghik Avetisyan (President of the Armenian PR Association, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Journalism of YSU).

The 2019 Armenian PR Award is organized at the initiative of the Armenian PR Association. The partner of the award is Beeline Armenia, support is provided by AGBU Armenia, Rumors Monitoring, Arlupa, N Sweet Studio, Hekimyan Band, Armenia Wine.


The mission of the Armenian PR Association scientific-informational NGO is to discuss information on public relations at scientific level, organize training programs, campaigns, develop PR strategies, provide consulting and discuss the main problems and vision of the PR industry by using forums, seminars and conferences. Details can be found at

For more information, please call +37496004113.