Changes in terms of "Trusted Payment" service

17 March
Changes in terms of "Trusted Payment" service

In case you balance is close to zero, and there is no possibility at the moment to top-up, use the “Trusted payment”. We will temporarily top-up for you upon your request, and you will be able to continue communicating.

Beeline announces the improvement of the “Trusted payment” service. For a period till April 20, 2020 the amount of provided within the service money will be doubled.

Now, for example, if you spend from 2500 to 10000 AMD per month for communication services, the amount provided by “Trusted payment” service will be 4200 AMD.

The payment validity period has been increased - the amount provided will be available within 30 days, instead of the previous 3.

Also now, all subscribers of the prepaid payment system who use Beeline services for more than 1 month can activate the service.

More about the service here.