Procurement activities

«VEON Armenia» CJSC Operations Support Directorate is looking to cooperate with suppliers and contractors (hereinafter referred to as Suppliers). The concerned types of work and services are specified in « Potential supplier questionnaire» (hereinafter referred to as Questionnaire).

In order to get shortlisted by «VEON Armenia» CJSC as a potential supplier, invited by Operations Support Directorate to take part in competitions and tenders, the Supplier shall:

  1. Fill in the Questionnaire;
  2. send the filled in Questionnaire (a separate Excel file) to the e-mail address ;

Within 20 working days after sending the Questionnaire the Supplier shall receive by the specified e-mail address:

  • supplier shortlisting notification for «VEON Armenia» CJSC potential suppliers list
  • denial notification of shortlisting for «VEON Armenia» CJSC potential suppliers list with indication of the reasons for denial.

The Supplier which has not been placed on potential supplier shortlist, can resend the questionnaire for consideration after clearing the reasons for denial. Exception to this applies for the Suppliers caught in provision of unreliable information.


Operations Support Directorate shall give consideration only to Questionnaires filled up with strict observance of the specified requirements. Any other information, sent to the e-mail address will be deleted.

The present invitation is not an open tender notification and, therefore, does not entail for «VEON Armenia» CJSC any obligation set forth by the relevant articles.

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Supplier Code of Conduct