0 in roaming

Incoming calls worldwide: 0 AMD

The first minute of an incoming call-200 AMD/min

From the second to the tenth minute of the incoming call-0 AMD/min

Starting from the eleventh minute of the incoming call-200 AMD/min


Dial the command *200#

Dial the command *201#

Dial the command *202#

The service is available for Beeline prepaid and postpaid system subscribers

The service has no expiration date.

 All calls are rounded up the nearest minute.

Prices are indicated in drams, including VAT.

To use the service, please activate roaming before leaving Armenia.

Using Beeline roaming you can contact Beeline Customer Support Center via free of charge telephone number +374-8000-0612 worldwide.

Other directions are charged according to the tariff zone.

The Service “0 in Roaming” will be available until 17.06.2019. After, new more and comfortable Roaming conditions will be available, about which Beeline will additionally inform on 18.06.2019.