General Information

Roaming — calls on vacation and on business trip!

1. From Beeline roaming partners’ list check what type of roaming is available in the country you are going to visit.

2. Activate Roaming:

  • roaming activation terms for prepaid payment system,
  • roaming activation terms for postpaid payment system.

3. Depending on the country you are visiting:

  • check roaming basic tariffs,
  • choose a roaming services that is the best for you.

For more information, please watch Beeline educational video.

  • Upon arrival, just switch on the phone and it will automatically register in one of the available networks.
  • The network name of local operator will show up on the phone screen. If not, select the network «manually» through the phone menu (Settings).
  • Upon registration in roaming partner’s network you will receive an SMS about roaming tariffs in the given network/county.
  • Make sure to check out Beeline educational video with useful tips.

to mobile network: + [mobile network prefix][telephone number]

to fixed network: + [fixed network prefix][telephone number]


Example: to call to Armenia just dial the number in the following format: 

+374[network prefix][telephone number]

To make or receive calls while in roaming, prepaid payment system subscribers’ balances should be sufficient for at least 1-minute call according to the roaming zone or activated roaming service tariffs (all roaming calls are rounded up the nearest minute).

  • You can use mobile data in Beeline roaming partners’ 2G, 3G and in a range of countries even 4G/LTE networks.
  • To use mobile data while roaming you should enable Data roaming in your phone settings and fill in the Access Point Name:

Your friends and relatives can call to your Beeline phone number without additional fees.

Beeline roaming is available in more than 400 mobile operators’ networks in over 170 countries.

Using Beeline roaming you can contact Beeline Customer Support Center via free of charge telephone number +374-8000-0612 worldwide.

Frequency band of some cellular networks differs from the frequency band of Beeline network. Make sure that your phone supports the frequency of local operators’ networks (850 MHz and 1900 MHz) before visiting North America.

In USA, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and Japan your telephone should support 3G and/or 4G/LTE networks. Roaming for phones that support only 2G networks is not available in these countries.